The Hair & Barber Council puts pressure on UK Government to regulate industry


New report aims to illustrate importance of mandatory registration across the industry

The Hair & Barber Council is hoping the results of a new report will encourage MPs to support a movement for greater regulation in the industry.

The report, Hairdressing and Barbering: The Case for Mandatory Registration, drew on the opinions of 2,000 consumers to illustrate the need for a change to law.

Ben Dellicompagni, Managing Director of salon group Francesco Group and Vice Chair of The Hair & Barber Council, said: “We have customers who think all hairdressers are highly trained professionals, yet the truth of the matter is that anyone can open up tomorrow and cut and colour hair.

“We need to ensure that we are listening and doing all we can to protect consumers’ interests in our industry.

“This survey backs up a lot of the issues that anecdotally we know exist. It shows what the consumer wants and what the individuals in our industry want, and we have a clear mandate to meet the expectations of consumer and the industry.”

Of the respondents, 82% said they think hairdressers and barbers should be trained and qualified to practise in the UK, while 74% said all hairdressers and barbers should have a licence to show they have the necessary qualifications.

Health and safety was another priority for consumers with 70% saying they would be concerned for their wellbeing if a hairdresser or barber was not properly trained or qualified.

The council also hopes to improve the status given to hairdressers and barbers; approximately 40,000 hairdressing, barbering and beauty businesses operate in the UK, and contribute around £7bn annually to the UK economy.

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However, the council believes there is still discrimination among those outside of the trade who view hairdressers, barbers and beauty therapists as having pursued a ‘default career choice’.