The Brand Book goes global


Trade without the show

The Brand Book goes global

Since Beauty Bulb launched The Brand Book UK in May 2021, it’s fast become the go-to digital hub to match beauty and wellness brands with leading UK retailers. In less than a year, they’ve had 70 well-known retailers and e-tailers jump on board including Boots, Amazon, The Hut Group, Space NK, QVC, Holland&Barrett, Superdrug, Content Beauty and Liberty. The Brand Book showcases new, upcoming and exciting brands from all over the world which in turn, helps Buyers to build and expand their categories.

Re-thinking business as usual, the concept was created to super-charge sales for both sides. It is super simple, productive, environmentally better and crucially saves a huge amount of time and money. Working exactly like a digital trade show, open 24/7, the platform ensures the best introductions and connections for brands in a super-affordable way. It’s been so successful, it is now global and Beauty Bulb is introducing two new platforms - The Brand Book Europe and The Brand Book Rest Of World. Beauty Bulb has already on-boarded over 150 global retail and distributor partners including Watsons, Amazon USA, Zalando, JC Penny, Clicks and Marionnaud.

‘The response to The Brand Book UK has been phenomenal. We were approached by international retailers and distributors from the get-go, which made the global expansion a natural next step. The tech platform is at the core of our digital hub but there is a human element to all that we do. The world has changed and the platform was created in response to this seismic shift with a clear goal of simplifying what is normally a very expensive and time-consuming process for beauty brands, retailers and distributors. Our long-term goal is to be the leading, global digital service specifically for the beauty & wellness industry’. Faye Speedie, Founder of Beauty Bulb |

The Brand Book is a digital platform making much-needed introductions and helping businesses by:

  • Super-charging sales and profit growth
  • Saving weeks and months of searching for and trying to connect with the right contacts
  • Showcasing global brands to 150+ leading global beauty retailers & distributors
  • Saving upwards of £15k + spend per tradeshow
  • Saving £1000’s, time and airmiles used on meetings and tradeshow travel
  • Brands pay a one-off, annual fee with no additional costs or commissions and retailers and distributors use the platform free of charge
  • Supporting new business development strategies in a quick, easy and affordable way
  • Delivering brand info straight to inboxes of key decision makers
  • Sharing regular brand updates with retailers & distributors
  • Acting exactly like a digital tradeshow, The Brand Book brings retailers & distributors to detailed brand pages
  • Acting as a cost-effective tool that delivers speedy introductions

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What people are saying about The Brand Book

‘The team at Beauty Bulb have created a great tool for retailers through The Brand Book. The Brand Book houses brands in one place to make it really easy for myself as a Buyer to review new and upcoming brands quickly and easily.’ Felicity Rew, Buyer at Feel Unique

‘Having worked in the beauty industry for the entirety of my career, there is no doubt that there has been a complete shift towards discovery and The Brand Book is the perfect specialised platform for just this. It's built a much-needed bridge between beauty brand and retailer. A great team with incomparable relationships and invaluable advice.’ Emma Thornton, Founder, TRUE Skincare

‘The Brand Book is a fantastic concept with seamless connection to the new brands that are of interest to me. A very useful tool that is quick, simple, and easy to use with excellent support from the Beauty Bulb team’ Bernie Carley, JML Group

‘The Brand Book is a real game changer for independent and small brands, giving you representation with a significant spectrum of retailers in the UK without the constraints of a traditional commission model – making it not just financially viable for brands starting out but allowing you to lead the conversation and relationship from the outset.’ Sarah Sklavenitis, Founder, MESSIAH and EVE

'Great concept for Brands and retailers to discover new and meaningful connections and eventually find the perfect match for them , It is a really great extension tool and takes away the noise of searching for a suitable collaboration' Zoe Teden, Director Eden Retail consultancy

‘We are so grateful to have joined the Brand Book! It’s platform has been invaluable in getting us in front of top beauty buyers’. Eleanor Allum, Head of Business Development, Saltee Skincare

'Working with The Brand Book has been a great way to discover disruptive, up and coming brands to feature. Business development can often be a long process but using The Brand Book has really cut down onboarding time and allowed all parties to get to work and show results quickly!' Lizzie Craft Townsend-Rose, Agora World

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'The Brand Book has revolutionised the way we get our brand in front of some of the most covetable global retailers, in a fast and cost-effective way.' Alexandra Jansons, Olixa Skincare