The Body Shop aims to be "the world's most ethical and sustainable business"


L’Oréal brand aims to have 100% sustainably sourced natural ingredients by 2020

The Body Shop is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new strategy to reaffirm its position as a leader in ethical business. Called “Enrich Not Exploit”, the new framework is set to define the development of The Body Shop in the coming years.

The Body Shop aims to become “the world’s most ethical and sustainable global business” . The commitment will apply to all aspects of the business including: ingredients, products, packaging, stores, employees, suppliers and campaigns. All aspects will have to comply with the commitment’s three principles: enrich our people; enrich our products; and enrich our planet. The brand believes its new focus will help it to become “both a force for good and a successful, profitable business”.

The brand has set out 14 specific targets for 2020 that will hold the business accountable for the new commitment. Targets include: doubling The Body Shop’s Community Trade programme from 19 to 40 ingredients; ensure 100% of natural ingredients are sustainably sourced; and regenerate 75 million square metres of habitat.

Chris Davis, International CSR and Campaigns Director at The Body Shop, said: “We have set ourselves ambitious, inspiring and measurable targets for our commitment. We are developing new practices to enrich the planet in which we operate whilst helping our company grow and prosper. Our new Commitment combines all the experience and knowledge of our expert people with new advances in science and technology.”

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Jeremy Schwartz, Chairman and CEO at The Body Shop, added: “The Body Shop can be both a force for good and a successful, profitable business. Forty years ago Anita Roddick set out a challenge for The Body Shop to tackle the big issues of her time. We’re now tackling the big issues of today. We want our Enrich Not Exploit Commitment to inspire a new generation of customers, supporters and especially millennials who truly care about how a company operates. Re-establishing The Body Shop as a leader will come from delivering our ambitious aim to be the world’s most ethical and truly sustainable global business.”