Texture analyser offers easy to interpret and reliable data

SMS makes texture analysis available to smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers

The TA.XTExpress texture analyser offers easy-to-interpret and reliable data

Stable Micro Systems, a UK manufacturer of texture analysis instrumentation, has added the TA.XTExpress texture analyser to its portfolio.

The company says the device makes texture analysis accessible to smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers, offering easy-to-interpret and reliable data. Possible tests include penetration, texture profile analysis, fracturing, cutting, extensibility and stickiness.

The TA.XTExpress analyser is supplied with a choice of two software packages depending on the extent of analysis required.

The device can be used online or in the laboratory, allowing manufacturers to assess textural quality, identify source and batch variation and predict consumer acceptability. The instrument offers a loadcell capacity of 5kg and has a speed range of 0.1–10.00mm/s.

Standard textural parameters can be measured with Stable Micro Systems’ Expression software. For post-analysis capabilities, the company offers the Exponent Lite Express software package, which is project-based data recording and analysis software.

Jo Smewing, applications manager at Stable Micro Systems, said: ‘The TA.XTExpress is a straightforward entry level instrument, which means texture analysis is no longer the preserve of large companies with deep r&d or QA budgets. It provides manufacturers with the benefits of objective, repeatable product testing, without a large capital outlay.’