Ted Baker promises aspirational toiletries

Contemporary prints and the right tools for the job

KMI’s Ted Baker fragrance and toiletries brand has developed four new aspirational toiletries ranges, two for men and two for women. The idea is that even if you can’t afford the fashion you can at least buy into Ted’s Toiletries.

The two ranges for women bring Ted Baker toiletries closer into line with Ted Baker fashion and are named after two contemporary, current prints: Butterfly and Origami. Butterfly has top notes of bergamot and red fruits with tuberose and patchouli while Origami has raspberry complemented with tones of rose, vanilla and sandalwood.

Both female lines offer body wash and body spray. In addition Butterfly has a body scrub and a body lotion while Origami has a bath foam and a body soufflé. Prices are £5.10 to £6.50.

The theme and tagline for the men’s lines is ‘the right tools for the job’, and KMI says the “two new toiletry ranges for men will undoubtedly become as important to the modern man as his trusty screwdriver”. The two lines are Toolshed and Workshop, both comprising hair & body wash, body spray and apd, each priced at £4.10.

Toolshed has cool, calming woody tones of bergamot, cedarwood, sandalwood and musk while Workshop features ozonic notes along with eucalyptus, geranium and patchouli.

Gift sets are available for all ranges. Ted’s Toiletries are exclusive to Boots stores nationwide in the UK and will replace the existing Ted Baker range from September onwards.