Taking kindness to next level: Apibreeze, a sweet renewal, kind to the skin and the planet


Apibreeze is an active ingredient, 100% natural origin (ISO 16128)

Apibreeze™ is a natural active ingredient, 100% natural origin (ISO16128) and COSMOS compliant that offers a mild skin renewal together with and ethical and responsible supplying.

It includes in its composition biotechnological polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) gluconolactone and lactobionic acid, obtained from maize glucose and lactose fermentation processes, and multi-flower honey from the Albera Natural Park.

Apibreeze enhances the benefits of the mild peeling of PHAs with the healing, purifying, regenerating and moisturizing effects of an award-winning honey and locally produced, to meet growing demand for sustainability and traceability.

Just like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) are effective keratolytics but without the irritant effects due to the larger molecular size of their structure, with multiple hydroxyl groups, that make their action is more progressive and better tolerated. Provital stands by its motto (Do Care) taking “kindness” to the next level.

Our studies have demonstrated that Apibreeze does not induce gene expression involved in skin sensitivity and irritation. The results of the in vitro studies are notable for their action on cellular cohesion, associated with a strengthening of the epidermis, in exchange for a refinement of the stratum corneum deriving from its keratolytic action.

In terms of preventing premature aging, Apibreeze promotes optimal maintenance of the extracellular matrix and boosts collagen.

Lastly, the rise in gene expression associated with the uptake and retention of water by aquaporins and hyaluronic acid synthesis, assures a moisturising effect on both the epidermis and the dermis.

Apibreeze assures an effective renewal with hydroxy acids kind to the skin and the planet.

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