Tagra presents encapsulated products and concepts for whitening application


Market trends reflect a rising demand for personal care whitening/brightening products

Market trends reflect a rising demand for personal care whitening/brightening products. Tagra Biotechnologies offers a unique all-in-one whitening concept which combines micro-encapsulated actives for long-term whitening effect along with micro-encapsulated pigmentary grade TiO2 for an immediate whitening effect.

Long-term whitening products:

Tagravit C1- Micro-encapsulated Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate with a payload of 25%. Tagra’s innovative encapsulating method protects the Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate and ensures both its stability and efficient delivery in any formulation.

Tagravit C1 can be easily formulated in any kind of cosmetics formulation without any pH limitation and does not oxidise rapidly in the presence of water.

Tagranat Licorice1- Micro-encapsulated Liquorice extract/Glabridin, (10% and 4% payload, respectively). By formulating with Tagranat Licorice1, formulators can ensure Glabridin stability and efficient delivery while overcoming discolouration issues.

*Both products were clinically tested, alone and in combination, for their long term whitening efficacy: Using chronometer for L value measurement, mexameter for melanin level analysis and self-assessment questionnaire. It was shown that a significant whitening effect has been achieved.

Immediate whitening effect:

Cameleon White is an encapsulated form of TiO2 (90% payload). The TiO2 is released by applying mechanical pressure (such as rubbing action), which results in capsules' breakage. By using up to 4% of Cameleon White, formulators can achieve an immediate and instant veil effect for skin lightening.

Tagra’s all-in-one whitening products appear in the form of non-agglomerated powders easily incorporated into the finished formulations, during the last step of its preparation. These products are compatible with O/W, W/O, W/Si cosmetic formulas, powders, foams and high SPF formulations.

Tagra’s whitening concept opens new dimensions for the cosmetic industry. It creates a new generation of "perfect skin tone and colour" products, such as smooth whitening creams, intelligent brightening serums, lightening lotions or sprays, BB/CC creams, skin tone enhancing gels, or anti-pigmented spots serums.

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*For more information and samples please contact: adi@tagra.com