T-LAB Professional launches inclusive solutions for hair, scalp and skin


T-LAB Professional took action by thinking about hair from the inside out, according to their unique scientific approach – Health & Beauty Ecosystem

T-LAB Professional launches inclusive solutions for hair, scalp and skin

The clean beauty brand came up with innovative, inclusive solutions for hair, scalp and skin by launching DUO Shampoos and DUO Treatments, as they were specifically developed for the health of DUO – hair and scalp, encouraging scalp hydration and re-balancing to promote healthy hair growth in longer perspective, while in the short term providing professional solutions that prevent and repair existing skin and hair concerns: reconstruction, detoxification, nourishment and other important benefits depending on the line.


Sapphire Energy is a ProAge care, which is about living your best life at any age, and taking the right care of your skin and hair. Meant for an advanced hair strengthening and Scalp revitalisation.

Containing unique natural complex:

  • Lotus Sapphire: Purified underground water infused with organic lotus extract and sapphire gem; protects the skin, making it appear smooth, rejuvenated. Heightens hair elasticity and resistance to breakage
  • Organic Baobab Oil: Effectively revives dull and dry hair, nourishes skin and stimulates hair follicles, restoring hair complexion; prevents hair loss
  • Organic Bakuchiol: Retinol plant alternative empowers collagen and elastin production; saturates the hair with energy, gives it shine and strength.
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Launched in December 2019
Distributing in 18 countries worldwide (USA, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Lithuania, Spain and more)
Up to 99% natural origin formula with certified organic ingredients
Eco-friendly, vegan, multiracial, gender-neutral, refillable, recyclable, biodegradable, against animal testing.
Made in Europe.