T-LAB Professional is now in Germany: Conquering eCommerce


T-LAB Professional is now available in Germany on www.flaconi.de/t-lab-professional/

T-LAB Professional is now available in Germany on www.flaconi.de/t-lab-professional/!

Flaconi is a premium online shop for perfume and beauty products. E-commerce is becoming a very significant option for many businesses and is booming worldwide.

Yes, it is also booming in Germany. About 60% of Germans regularly shop online.

Since 2011, Flaconi offers a great selection of perfumes, skincare products, make-up, organic cosmetics and professional hair care. In addition to a perfect customer service, a high-class website and an intuitive user design, a lot of information on the products makes shopping at Flaconi an emotional and unique experience.

The successful E-Commerce company was already honoured with many online awards, alongside T-LAB Professional offers an award-winning, inclusive solutions for hair-scalp-skin, providing full spectre of professional, natural and luxury care, making it a perfect clean-beauty-match.

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If you would like to become T-LAB Professional Partner in your country, please contact us at tlab@vtholding.com.

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