Sytheon launches at CASCC Suppliers’ Day


Synoxyl AZ (INCI: Acetyl Zingerone): Microbiome Friendly 24/7 prevention and repair of skin damage

AZ prevents skin damage and nurtures skin’s own ability to maintain the integrity of the ECM for optimal health and appearance throughout life.

Key attributes:

  • All-in-one – Quencher, antioxidant and selective chelator – first-in-the industry
  • Reduces both immediate and delayed skin damage (↓CPDs) First-in-the industry
  • Clinically demonstrated skin defense and reduction in wrinkle, pigmentation and skin redness without using sunscreens
  • Balances skin microbiome diversity. REACH registered. Patented product.

Sytenol A (INCI: Bakuchiol) – Yes, Retinol Found its Match

Sytenol A has all the major benefits of retinol but none of the negatives. Bakuchiol was shown in a recent study published in British J Dermatology,180(2): 289-296, 2019 to match the established benefits of retinol.

UC-Davis dermatologists concluded that Bakuchiol is comparable to retinol in its ability to improve photoaging and is better tolerated than retinol.

It is all natural, well-defined compound with >99% purity, stable, easy to formulate with, requires no dark room for formulation, can be used during the day and has been shown to stabilize retinol. REACH registered. Patented product.

Synastol TC (INCI: Terminalia chebula fruit extract): Provides Holistic Solution to Pollution- and blue light-induced skin damage with anti-aging benefits

Successful strategy to defend against the negative effects of pollution and blue light require protection of skin against oxidative and inflammatory onslaughts as well as maintaining water homeostasis, building and defending skin barrier.

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Synastol TC, a highly standardized bioactive enriched fruit extract, meets all these requirements, providing a holistic natural solution to pollution. Globally approved.

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