Symrise swaps natural alpha-bisabolol for nature-identical alternative

Change to contribute to limiting deforestation in Brazil

Symrise has announced it is to stop harvesting natural bisabolol, instead opting to use a nature-identical source instead. The company explained it could not longer find a guaranteed supply of sustainable natural bisabolol and in future it will focus on the production of Dragosantol and Dragosantol 100, a highly pure, nature-identical source of bisabolol.

The move is part of the company’s CSR strategy and it is hoped the move will contribute to limiting deforestation of the endangered Brazilian rainforest as fewer trees will need to be felled. The natural active substance is derived from the oil of the candeia tree which grows in the south east and mid-west of Brazil.

“As the largest supplier of alpha-bisabolol we are well aware of our responsibility and clearly commit ourselves to safeguarding the Brazilian rainforest,” explained Véronique Maurin, global product director, cosmetics ingredients, Symrise. “For us, this means making an active contribution to society and the environment.”

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