Sweet dreams: This meditation app has drifted into cosmetics

By Sarah Parsons 9-Aug-2017

Calm's Sleep Mist is the mindfulness app's first personal care product

Meditation app Calm has launched aims to merge relaxation, scent and sound with its first offline product.

The company’s Sleep Mist (£19.99) is designed to help consumers drift off to sleep with its formulation of lavender and essential oils.

But the tech company has gone one step further than just creating a pillow spray. Calm has partnered with British actor, TV presenter and narrator of the Harry Potter audio-books Stephen Fry to narrate Blue Gold - a ‘sleep story’ for the company.


“Anyone in need of a bedtime story?” Fry asked in a recent Tweet. “Let me lull you to sleep with this soporific sleep story I recorded for Calm.”

The story is set in lavender fields, to match the lavender-based scent, and is designed to be listened to while using the pillow mist – to help users visit the Land of Nod.

"Insomnia is a modern epidemic and tens of millions of prescriptions for sleeping pills are written every year," said Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm.

"Mixing scent with storytelling is a powerful and natural new way to help racing minds drift off to sleep."

The Sleep Mist is available exclusively via calm.com and is said to be the brand’s first venture into physical products.

“Our ambition is to be much more than just a meditation app,” added Alex Tew, co-founder of Calm.

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The Sleep Mist is available to purchase via calm.com.


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