Sustainable and recycled packaging take centre stage at Cosmetic Business Munich 2023

Published: 19-Jun-2023

Cosmetic Business Munich 2023 proved to be a significant event for BeautySourcing, as it unveiled the latest trends and innovations in the cosmetic supply side industry

The event showcased a strong emphasis on sustainable and recycled packaging solutions, reinforcing their status as the hot mainstream in the industry. Let's delve into the highlights of BeautySourcing's visit and the key innovative products released onsite.

Sustainable Innovations Unveiled:

Weener Plastic:

Weener Plastic, a leading packaging supplier, showcased its commitment to sustainability with the introduction of several innovative products. The SealPack, a sustainable roll-on packaging solution for deodorants, garnered attention for its eco-friendly design and functionality. Weener Plastic's CosmoTops line featured lightweight tube closures made from PP and PE materials, providing convenience without compromising sustainability. Additionally, their Ultimate Spray System presented 100% recyclable and removable aerosol spray caps, promoting a circular economy within the cosmetic packaging industry.

Spectra Packaging:

Spectra Packaging made a notable impact by presenting a range of environmentally conscious packaging solutions at Cosmetic Business Munich 2023. Their off-the-shelf bottles and closures, crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic and bio plastics, showcased their dedication to reducing waste and carbon footprint. By offering custom tooled projects and environmental solutions, Spectra Packaging enables brands to adopt sustainable packaging options that align with their values.


Albea, a renowned packaging solutions provider, unveiled a groundbreaking product during the event: the lightest tube on the market. Their 2-in-1 solution allows for more than 80% weight reduction compared to standard head+cap solutions, demonstrating their commitment to eco-friendly practices and efficiency. Albea's innovative approach encourages delegates to pay closer attention to BeautySourcing as the platform effectively connects brands with suppliers offering sustainable packaging solutions.

The Continuation of Sustainable and Recycled Packaging Trends:

These innovations at Cosmetic Business Munich 2023 signifies that the trend towards sustainable and recycled packaging remains a strong focus in the cosmetic supply side industry. As consumers increasingly prioritise eco-conscious products, beauty brands and suppliers continue to innovate and offer sustainable packaging options that meet both environmental and aesthetic requirements.

BeautySourcing's Role in Driving Sustainability:

BeautySourcing, as a leading platform in the industry, plays a vital role in promoting and facilitating the adoption of sustainable and recycled packaging solutions. By connecting brands with innovative suppliers. BeautySourcing ensures that businesses have access to a wide range of sustainable options to meet their packaging needs. Through its comprehensive network and commitment to sustainability, BeautySourcing encourages delegates to explore the platform and discover eco-friendly packaging solutions that align with their brand values.With sustainability as a key driver, BeautySourcing empowers businesses to make responsible choices and contribute to a greener future.

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