Stay ahead with DSM’s best in class UV filters


Stay ahead with DSM’s best in class UV filters

At DSM, we’ve developed a holistic formula for our approach to sun care: out-of-the-box thinking + established science + decades of experience. But how does our formula address the ever-changing requirements of skin protection? By adapting.

To address today’s environmental concerns, for example, we drive sustainable innovation from the start. We support customers’ needs to meet regulatory, safety and consumer demands.

And we count on our UV Task Force to keep pace with industry developments. It’s tradition, transformed. See below further details:

PARSOL ZX - Mineral UV filter for broad sun protection

For both consumers and professionals, Zinc oxide has a positive image and is the foremost ingredient they look for in mineral sun care products.

DSM’s own grade of Zinc Oxide, PARSOL ZX with its balanced blend of nano and non-nano particles, offers great SPF, UVA and blue light protection. Even better, for easy formulation it provides superior dispersibility compared to benchmark products.

PARSOL 1789 - The number one choice of formulators for UVA protection*

*Mintel product launch data in the last 5 years

Did you know that PARSOL 1789 is the only mainstream UVA filter approved in North America? And with its top level, broad-spectrum performance, global registration status, photo-stability in real-life conditions and excellent eco-profile, it’s also first choice for formulators worldwide.

Meet the DSM UV-Task-Force

From regulatory to environmental, health and societal developments and concerns, our UV task force is committed to bringing you the facts about the sun care market.

Our team members have different areas of expertise and different aspirations, but they all share a commitment to working with you to develop high-performance, forward-looking, sustainable sun care solutions.

Delivering the power of UV protection - DSM boasts 40 years of experience in producing, selecting and blending UV filters and offers customers a complete package of expertise and services including the DSM Sunscreen Optimizer now upgraded with eco-profiling feature.

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