Spectra launches new polymer alternative to glass packaging


Spectra Packaging has launched a plastic alternative to glass packaging. The new glass polymer packaging solution is said to provide the clarity of normal glass but with the flexibility and performance of rigid plastic.

“Our new glass polymer provides customers with the crystal clarity of normal glass, but with all the performance and flexibility of conventional rigid plastic. Although the use of glass offers a premium feel to convey a high-end luxury appearance, there are a number of shortcomings in its use, such as cost, wastage, breakages and colouring limitations - our glass polymer successfully eliminates all such drawbacks,” explained Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra.

He added: “Durability and safety is another key consideration. Our glass polymer is shatterproof, with none of the potential breakage issues associated when transporting or using conventional glass packaging."

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Spectra’s new glass polymer products were recently premiered at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham.

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