Solvay adds to ‘game-changer’ biodegradable ingredients range

By Becky Bargh 22-Mar-2022

Joining the chemical company’s Jaguar range are two new eco-friendly polymers for hair and skin care formulas

Solvay adds to ‘game-changer’ biodegradable ingredients range

European chemical company, Solvay, has extended its range of biodegradable guar-based solutions.

The two new thickening and conditioning polymers, targeted at the cosmetics industry, include Jaguar NAT SGI and Jaguar Excel.

The developments will help cosmetic makers achieve their sustainability goals.

“Until recently, the availability of biodegradable functional polymers in the market has been limited,” said Jean-Guy Le-Helloco, Home & Personal care VP at Solvay.

“Our biodegradable Jaguar ingredients offer formulators a range of sustainable game-changers to create a wider choice of responsible hair and skin care products.”

The new polymers are an extension of Solvay’s biodegradable guars, which launched in December last year.

The new ingredients complement Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI, for thickening; and Jaguar C500 STD, for conditioning.

Solvay’s new Beauty Biodeg Score chart, meanwhile, helps developers to understand the sustainability credentials of the ingredients.

The score is based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's guidelines.

“By assigning a biodegradability score to our products, we help stakeholders appreciate the swift progress Solvay is making in the development of biodegradable and sustainable products with full and transparent traceability,” added Solvay’s Home & Personal Care Research & Innovation Director, Galder Cristobal.

“We have entered a new phase of innovation with new polymer technologies and are investing in advanced biodegradation testing for next-generation beauty ingredients.

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“Our new biodegradable Jaguar ingredients are just the beginning.”