Soak away foot odour at the source with new FootBathTx treatment


Patented dual technology based foot soak effectively and efficiently attacks foot odour and itching at its core

Soak away foot odour at the source with new FootBathTx treatment

Introducing FootBathTx, a scientifically advanced product for the relief of foot odour and itchy feet at its source.

Created by innovative infectious disease researchers, FootBathTx‘s active ingredient emulates one of the key molecules in our body’s defense mechanism against infection. Tests on FootBathTx’s active ingredient submitted to Health Canada yielded clearance for sale as a safe and effective compound.

“We created FootBathTx to provide people with a solution not readily available on the market,” said Richard Gray, CEO of FootBathTx. “Over 70% of Americans will experience foot odour or intense foot itching at some point in their life. The products currently on the market only provide a solution for the effects versus attacking the problem at its core.”

This easy to use product requires users to take a 30-minute foot bath once a day for three consecutive days. Directions specify a fourth and final foot bath on the 5th day following the completion of the three consecutive foot baths.

To prep the bath, users simply take the FootBathTx treatment packets and mix them together, one base packet and one activator, with 5 liters of water.

FootBathTx provides a solution unlike any other on the marketplace today through its patented dual water activated technology. The technology generates an active ingredient for the duration of the 30-minute foot bath, creating the most effective product available.

“Our clinical trials have showcased how effective our product really is. They show that four 30-minute foot baths are all that is required.” says Gray.

FootBathTx advanced hydration therapy foot soak provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates extreme foot odour
  • Relieves uncomfortable itching and burning
  • Softens hard, dry, flaky skin that can cause deep fissures
  • Increases blood flow to the feet
  • Aids in cellular repair.

FootBathTx is made in the US and available for purchase online through the company website and on Amazon. The product is available wholesale to select distributors and retailers worldwide.

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