Skin care trends for 2022


From world renowned anti-ageing creams to skincare essentials loved by the A-list and royalty, Deborah Mitchell certainly has her finger on the pulse when it comes to beauty trends. Here she shares her predictions for the next big things

Skin care trends for 2022

“Whether it’s the new wave of supplements, plant-based skincare essentials or collagen boosters, the beauty industry is finally waking up to providing more natural products for consumers. As someone who has been trailblazing the move away from nasty chemicals and instead opting for organic formulas, I’m very much welcoming the new trends for the next 12 months.” – Deborah Mitchell, Founder of Heaven Skincare

Collagen boosts are big news - A few years ago we all went crazy for hyaluronic acid; now it’s all about collagen! But what is this magic skin-booster? Well, collagen is found in abundance in our skin when we’re younger but as we get older the amount diminishes and this is what causes dryness, loss of elasticity and signs of ageing.

By adding naturally-derived supplements – that include marine collagen, for example – to your daily routine can help replace those lost levels for healthier skin and shiny hair.

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Skin care trends for 2022

Inner and Outer Beauty - In all of the 30 years she has spent healing and treating anti-ageing from the outside, she realised through her extensive research that many of the skin problems we suffer from are often caused by what is going on in inside our bodies. By learning how to match the needs of the skin on the outside to the needs of the skin from the inside she discovered she can quickly treat complexion issues and at the same time provide much needed health benefits too.

For 2022, we will see more and more people taking additional supplements that work in tandem with their daily skincare routine, whether it’s to smooth fine lines, boost radiance or even promote hair growth.

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The growth in organic beauty - When Deborah launched Heaven 26 years ago, it was important that right from the start her products were not only results driven but completely natural. She was one of the few brands using organic ingredients because back then most skincare products contained nasty chemicals. We are much wiser to the fact that what we put on our face is vital to having a healthy, radiant complexion, especially if you suffer from conditions such as acne, open pores, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema.

By giving customers knowledge on how to make better choices when shopping, they are now steering clear of parabens, SLS, petroleum, silicones or derivatives.

Skin care trends for 2022

Vegans are vital consumers - It wasn’t all that long ago that veganism was very much on the fringe but over the last couple of ears we have seen a massive sea-change, especially in the beauty industry. In fact, according to figures the global vegan cosmetic industry will be worth a more than £15billion by the year 2027, while research reveals that 40% of those who only buy plant-based beauty products are not actually vegan.

When Deborah launched her Nettle Venom range inn 2020 she had no idea it would go on to be such a massive success, but it became a bestseller almost overnight proving plant-based beauty is here to stay.

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