Skin care goals: Do British adults really feel the need to look 'perfect'?

By Sarah Parsons 17-Apr-2020

According to the latest beauty industry study, a perfect complexion is overrated

The majority of UK-based adults feel comfortable in their own skin, despite societal pressures to look 'perfect'.

Thanks to readily available photo-editing apps, it is easier than ever for consumers to fake their way to a seemingly ideal complexion.

However, a study of 2,000 adults, found that three quarters are content with who are they, despite the general perception that social media and celebrities can leave consumers feeling low in self-esteem on how their skin looks.

Nearly one third of those polled by new cosmetics brand Skin Proud prefer the 'natural look' and 65% also favour people to let their natural beauty shine through.

A fifth of those polled, via OnePoll, said they embrace their natural freckles and 12% do so with blemishes.

Meanwhile, 31% said celebrities should encourage natural beauty, with more than a third believing it’s important for influencers, and those in the media spotlight, to celebrate perfections and imperfections.

It also emerged that adults under 25-years-old feel most strongly about influencers, with more than 30% feeling empowered when they see natural images of those in the spotlight, compared with just 14% of 45-55 year olds.

“It’s great to see how proud and confident the nation already are – we should all be embracing our skin, because ultimately that is what makes us who we are," said Nora Zukauskaite, Global Head of Marketing at Skin Proud.

Other key findings:

  • 81% of women wear make-up an average of four days a week
  • 12% of men use cosmetic products at least three days a week
  • 32% of make-up users would confidently share a bare-faced photo
  • An eighth of consumers would feel confident going on a date without any make-up on
  • 25% are happy to show off their nude skin at work and 45% when shopping

The sister brand of Ciaté London and Lottie London, Skin Proud is available exclusively via fashion retailer ASOS, and features on-trend minimal pink packaging and features models with dewy skin.

Available from £7,95, the initial range includes a retinol serum, pomegranate eye cream, liquid exfoliator, multi-purpose balm, hydration mist, jelly moisturiser, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums.

Zukauskaite added: "We want to encourage people to feel proud of every freckle and mole – there are no filters here at Skin Proud, after all there is no better natural glow than confidence.

“Everyone has unique skin and therefore different skincare needs, whether you need to inject targeted moisture or control excess oil, there is an innovation to suit every skin type within our range.”

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