SkinGlass Beauty hits out at Natasha Denona for ‘stealing’ intellectual property

By Becky Bargh 23-May-2022

Beauty founder Noor Farooq called the fellow MUA ‘disrespectful and disgusting’, and hinted she would be taking legal action

The founder of SkinGlass Beauty, Noor Farooq, has hit out at Natasha Denona for “stealing” her brand’s concept.

Farooq took to social media to air her disgruntlement at the launch of Natasha Denona Beauty’s debut primer serum, named Hy-Gen SkinGlass.

SkinGlass Beauty’s line, which is an extension of Farooq’s make-up advisory platform, comprises skin care and colour cosmetics, as well as a selection of tools.

“VIOLATING ASF. I thought so much about how I wanted to approach this. Be coy. Be politically correct, be tamed, keep your cool… but you know what…NO. I won’t be quiet because I’ve spent countless fucking hours building this brand- from the ground up with my own research, my own resources, my time, my heart and my soul. This is personal.” Farooq wrote on social media. [sic]

“The thing that pisses me off about this is @natashadenona & @natashadenonabeauty KNOW WHAT SKINGLASS IS. 100%. [sic]

“You just feel entitled to stealing from it. Stealing likeness, intellectual property, and the ENTIRE concept of SKINGLASS because you feel entitled to it because your brand is “bigger” and you’re richer, having all the resources at your fingertips… DISRESPECTFUL AND DISGUSTING.” [sic]

She continued: “You’ve got a whole research and development team & you mean to tell me y’all just scrolled past ALL the Google results that brought up MY brand when you type in SKINGLASS!?!?? The website? The IG? The hashtags? The actual products??? yeah no. GTFOH. & the fucking font too!?!?” [sic]

Denona is continuing to promote her brand’s new serum on social media and has not spoken publicly about the fall out.

SkinGlass Beauty has since hinted that it is taking legal action against Natasha Denona Beauty.

“I’m putting this in the hands of legal and signing off for peace and clarity,” the brand said in a statement via its Instagram stories.

Farooq also thanked people for their support.

“From the depths of my heart, thank you so much,” the statement continued.

“I appreciate everyone who stood by my side and continues to do so and support me in such warm ways.

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