Ski season sun care: What goes into the optimum sunscreen stick?

Published: 16-Feb-2023

Gattefossé's Caroline Perdriel explains how to achieve a sunscreen stick product with a light sensoriality and high SPF

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Sunscreen sticks are small, portable and allow for precise application to areas that are prone to UV damage.

This makes them especially useful for winter sports, sports generally and as a handbag staple during sunny periods.  

But how can manufacturers ensure efficient protection meets the good sensory payoff that consumers demand?

In this article, Caroline Perdriel, International Technical Support Manager for Personal Care at ingredients supplier Gattefossé, breaks down what goes into a great sun stick product.

Ski season sun care: What goes into the optimum sunscreen stick?What are the characteristics of a good sun care stick? What are the advantages of such textures compared with others? How do you reach a powdery and light sensoriality with such a high SPF?

Here are the questions we’ll try to answer in this article, taking Gattefossé’s new Powdery stick SPF50+ as an example.

Compared with creams or sprays, sticks are not adapted for full-body applications.

They allow for precise application and target areas particularly prone to UV damage, such as the nose, cheeks, scars or tattoos.

In small packaging, their compact format makes them easy to carry around with no risk of leakage and ensures full protection no matter where we are.

Some, such as our formula, also have an additional advantage: they are anhydrous, presenting, by nature, waterproof properties.

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