Silvikrin celebrates 90th anniversary

The P&G hair styling brand is marking the occasion with a consumer PR campaign featuring tips from Style Director, Michael Douglas

Silvikrin is celebrating styling the nation’s tresses for nearly a century.

The P&G hair styling brand is marking its 90th birthday with a consumer PR campaign revealing Style Director Michael Douglas’s top tips for creating three of the most iconic hairstyles from the last century: the bouncy bob, the beehive, and the flick and curl.

Helen Johnson, P&G Hair Care Brand Manager, says: “Silvikrin is a key brand for convenience retailers to be stocking in their health and beauty fixture – its iconic hairspray sits at a price point that is ideal for customers on an impulse or distress purchase. There’s going to be plenty of noise about Silvikrin over the next few months as we celebrate this anniversary, so it’s a great brand to be considering stocking and boosting visibility of in-store.”