Siltech displays Speciality Silicones at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day

Siltech will highlight the unique performance benefits provided by organo-modified specialty silicones in multiple finished cosmetic formulations.

Siltech’s latest innovation is a new oil in water dispersant Silsurf I108. Silsurf I108 stabilizes oil in water emulsions while offering excellent tactile properties. The offering is unique versus other PEG-8 Dimethicones because of its high degree of polyether chains.

Siltech additionally will feature several specialty silicone products for D5 replacement, transfer resistance, shine, barrier properties and PEG-free emulsification.

  • Silwax D02 exhibits an excellent sensorial feel and is a silicone wax alternative for cyclomethicones
  • Silwax D0-MS is a high shine alternative to phenyl trimethicone
  • Silmer QT9-30 is a silicone resin blend that combines excellent transfer resistance with a silky feel
  • Silube 316 is a unique PEG-free, non-tacky inverse emulsifier effective in difficult emulsions
  • Silwax J219M is a high gloss silicone wax promoting formulation spreadability and imparting barrier properties.

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