Silky smooth skin? Yes please!


Ensure you’re getting your beauty sleep with the new silk pillowcase from Heaven Skincare

Silky smooth skin? Yes please!

Not only do you get the most luxurious shut-eye when you use one, but silk is renowned for its skin-saving benefits too.

Embroidered with Heaven’s logo and made from 100% Grade A6 mulberry silk, this super-smooth slip is designed to keep your complexion healthy while you’re in the land of nod; and because silk absorbs less moisture – and therefore less of your favourite face cream – it helps keep your skin hydrated too.

“Our new silk pillowcase is designed to cause very little friction when you toss and turn at night so you don’t get those tell-tale ‘crush’ wrinkles or eye bags that you get from lying on cotton pillows,” explains Heaven Founder and celebrity facialist Deborah Mitchell.

“Anyone who has slept on silk will know that you not only get a great night’s sleep – especially in hot weather – but you are also left with great complexion too, especially if you suffer from dryness and or flaky skin.”

Heaven’s silk pillowcase costs £64 and is available now at Silk Pillowcases.

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