Silgan Dispensing Systems and Neopac The Tube join forces on airless tube


Silgan Dispensing Systems and Neopac The Tube join forces on airless tube

Silgan Dispensing Systems and Neopac The Tube have collaborated to make airless pump-on-tube packs more accessible for beauty brands. Amplify is an affordable all-plastic airless pump from Silgan Dispensing Systems that has been specifically designed to go on tubes.

According to Sandy Gregory, Associate Marketing Director, Global Fragrance & EU Beauty at Silgan Dispensing Systems, the inspiration behind the pack was “consumers voicing the fact that they’re expecting a better experience not only with their €100 eye serum, but with their everyday products, like a hand cream, hair care products, or an aftershave balm.”

Amplify is approximately a third cheaper than conventional airless pumps and it has been designed in such a way that it can be easily connected with the tube. Neopac invested in tooling that joins its 25ml diameter co-extruded or PE tubes with the pump, which offers controlled dose dispensing up to 0.45ml.

The system has a number of advantages, claim its makers.

“Because it’s airless you have the protection of the formula inside,” said Gregory. “There are no metal components, so there is no danger of the formula being contaminated and being 100% plastic it’s quite lightweight, so it’s very portable and easy for the consumer to travel with.”

It also boasts a 96% evacuation rate “which answers consumers’ frustration about getting the last drop out”.

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According to Gregory, the pack’s positioning is ideal for products from dermatologist and parapharmacy brands, or any brands that want to create an impression of efficacy.

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