Shiseido to reinvent itself as a "positive force"


Shiseido reveals plans to reposition itself

Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido has unveiled plans to reposition itself based on "empathy", in a bid to meet its long-term 2020 goals.

Shiseido plans an overhaul of its products, advertising, models, store counters and even brand logo. The changes will start to be seen from the start of next year onwards. The company has appointed Ruba Abu-Nimah as its new Creative Director to oversee the new look.

The brand's products have been redefined into four key sections: defend, regenerate, reveal and express. The first new product released under this format will be a new foundation, due to launch in March 2016. It will be advertised with the help of three new models: Enikö Mihalik, Imaan Hammam and Asia Chow.

Shiseido says it is driven by a belief in "beauty as a positive force in the world" with "empathy" as an integral keyword. Shiseido has said it will be updating its commications and marketing in line with this new focus.

In a statement, the company said that empathy is "born when people recognize the diversity of beauty, respect the beauty present in one another and realise the infinite nature of beauty". It pointed to its history of using cutting-edge technology alongside artistic flair to help consumers look and feel their best. The company added: "The brand innovation that lies ahead will involve an amplified communication of this message of beauty."

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Earlier this year, the company unveiled a new advert starring Lady Gaga and featuring the message: "Be Yourself". The clip came shortly after announcing a three-year plan designed to rejuvenate the business. It planned to raise consolidated sales to more than ¥1 trillion.