Shiseido sponsors outdoor art exhibition in Japan

By Lucy Tandon Copp 3-Jul-2017

The event is held in 500,000sqm of parkland in Takeo overlooked by Mount Mifune

Shiseido is sponsoring an art exhibition in Mifuneyama Rakuen, a 500,000sqm park famous for its abundance of flowers and trees.

The exhibition, teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live, is hosted by Mifuneyama Rakuen and creative group teamLab.

It is the first time Shiseido has sponsored the event, now in its third year, and the company has taken the opportunity to co-create an exhibit.

The 14th exhibit is a joint production with Shiseido’s new sub-brand WASO, due to launch this month, which targets millennials in the US and Asia.

WASO comes from 'Wa', meaning peaceful, and 'So' meaning inspiration, idea and thought

The WASO exhibit is called Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe, inside a Teacup.

It is located in a special tea house inside the park, where consumers can take a seat to taste tea based on five key ingredients in its WASO skin care products: carrot, loquat leaf, tofu, white jelly mushroom and honey.

The exhibit is said to help visitors appreciate the original taste of the ingredients through the act of drinking tea, while simultaneously exploring the world of WASO through the five senses – and experience that becomes art.

The other 13 pieces of art are created by teamLab and use projection mapping, light and sound to immerse visitors in an experience led by the concept that ‘all things beautiful come from nature’.

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The event will run from 14 July to 9 October.