Shiseido enters new phase of strategic brand development


Skin care line targets low-end domestic market and mid-market throughout Asia

Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido is launching a new skin care range of lotions produced from moisturising cream and aimed at the middle-income segment in Asian markets and the low-end skin care products sector in Japan. The Senka range, which comprises four products, will be launched in mid-September in Japan through FT Shiseido and introduced to Asian countries starting with Taiwan later this year and other countries from 2011 onwards.

The company says the cosmetics market in the Asian region, including China, is expanding and continuous growth is expected in line with economic growth. The current launch is the first phase of a strategic brand development.

Meanwhile in Japan itself the weak economy has led to considerable consumer spending restraint though Shiseido says consumers are seeking both high performance and economically priced products. The market for low-end skin care products priced at ¥1000 or less has expanded with the low-end price segment increasing by about 3.3% in fiscal 2009. The high-end skin care market in contrast contracted 2.2% in the same period.