Shiseido creates make-up app for use when video calling


The first-of-a-kind app allows women to virtually wear make-up looks when making business conference calls from home

Shiseido has teamed up with Microsoft Japan to create a virtual make-up app for use when making video calls.

The TeleBeauty app takes the trend for virtual make-up one step further by giving women the ability to apply a full face of make-up when they make teleconference calls for business or personal purposes.

The technology is particularly aimed at ‘telecommuters’ or ‘teleworkers’ such as a women who is juggling childcare or caring for an elderly relative alongside her professional career.

We have developed TeleBeauty to help women work actively with confidence

Users are able to adjust the brightness and colour of their faces to counteract dullness that can occur through computer cameras or bad lighting.

They can also correct skin texture to blur visible pores, wrinkles and shadows.

Finally, they can select the intensity of make-up on the eyes and mouth. Users can choose from four make-up looks: natural, trend, cool or feminine.

The 'trend' look features a bold lip paired with coral blush

The app is currently compatible in trial mode for Skype for Business, and a pilot ran during Work Style Reform Week 2016 held by Microsoft Japan.

Ending in November is another test involving 100 Microsoft Japan employees.

The app was created after Shiseido found that women who work from home find it annoying to apply make-up just for online meetings or calls.

They also expressed dissatisfaction with the camera quality or room lighting, citing skin appearance as an area of concern.

Shiseido hopes the tool will bring women confidence and help them “find the fun in make-up, both online and off”.

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In a release it noted: “We have developed TeleBeauty, a tool to smoothly and visually carry out meetings, hoping to help women work actively with confidence.”