Sericoside: the natural ally to improve skin health


Sericoside, a pure molecule that was isolated and extracted for the first time by Indena

  • Sericoside, a pure molecule that was isolated and extracted by Indena

  • Improves skin elasticity and complexion

The skin, specifically the face, is daily exposed to a wide range of weakening elements.

All these factors, combined with ageing, reduce its ability to regenerate and maintain its youthful look, liveliness and brightness.

The common signs of ageing can be improved with the help of nature, as several botanical active ingredients have been reported to be effective in maintaining or enhancing the healthy status and appearance of the skin.

Among them Sericoside, a pure molecule that was isolated and extracted for the first time by Indena. Sericoside is obtained from Terminalia sericea, an African Silver tree whose name reveals the activity of the extract, as the adjective sericea, in ancient Latin, means “silky, smooth as silk”.

Thanks to its triterpenic structure - which is quite similar to the more commonly known Centella asiatica triterpenoids – Sericoside revealed to have skin restructuring and capillary protection activity, skin regeneration and antioedema properties, as well as wound healing and anti-UV erythema properties after topical application.

A new study confirmed the clinically proven efficacy of Sericoside in anti-ageing and skin toning effect, improvement of skin elasticity and complexion, diminishing dark circles, re-densifying the skin with anti-sagging activity and improving texture.

The placebo controlled, single blind clinical study was carried out on 40 healthy male and female volunteers, aged between 35 and 55 and showing wrinkles, lack of skin elasticity, dull skin complexion, bags under eyes and/ or dark circles.

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Dark circles were improved in 45% of tested subjects (whereas only in 15% of the placebo treated group). Roughness parameters have shown a statistically significant decrease as well as an improvement was observed in the skin texture evaluation.