Sephora adds virtual reality testers to app


Virtual reality lipstick and foundation feature added to retailer’s app

Sephora has added a new feature to its app – Sephora Virtual Artist. The feature allows users to instantly try on thousands of lip colours.

The feature uses a smartphone camera’s ability to map lip location and shaping technology developed by ModiFace. More than 3,000 lip colours are available for consumers to “try on”. The 3D live view system allows them to move and still see the shade, just like a mirror. The inventory of shades includes all lipsticks and lipglosses available at Sephora.

Consumers can also use the app to search for shades to compliment their skin tone using Pantone SkinTone shades. The Sephora + Pantone Colour IQ foundation, concealer and lip colour technology allows users to search for perfectly colour-matched products, just like the digital tools available in some of its stores.

The new feature also allows users to view themselves wearing four lipstick shades at once for easy comparison. The added Shake It Up tool lets them browse random shades by selecting four new shades at random whenever the phone is shaken.

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Bridget Dolan, Vice President of Sephora’s Innovation Lab, said: We know our clients wish they could try on every lipstick in our store. Now they can - instantly and effortlessly. Our focus is always to launch technology that provides a true benefit to our clients. With Sephora Virtual Artist, our clients can have friends vote on which shades look best on them from wherever they are. We want to make buying lipstick more fun than ever, and maybe a little addictive.”