Sensai launches Cellular Performance Day Cream SPF 25


Sensai’s latest launch is the Cellular Performance Day Cream SPF 25 (£94).

The anti-ageing day cream is said to protect skin from external aggressors and tackle the five major skin care ageing concerns: dryness, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. It also provides protection from harmful UV rays.

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The cream works on three key levels. It delivers anti-ageing benefits through the inclusion of Koishimaru Silk EX, an ingredient taken from the Koishimaru cocoon which is a source of silk and a hyaluronic acid synthesis promoter, and anti-ageing complex CPX Vital Extract. It is also designed to prevent oxidation in the skin’s cells with green tea extract. Finally, the cream is claimed to protect the skin from stress with yeast extract and white mustard seed extract, both of which help preserve the levels of ‘stress-defence protein’ that naturally exists in the skin’s cells, the brand said.