Schick debuts digital experience at Comic-Con San Diego

By Austyn King | 18-Jul-2017

The shaving brand will offer con-goers interactive challenges with razor superhero Hydrobot in its Schick Hydro Escape experience

Schick Hydro, the Edgewell-owned shaving brand, is bringing its first immersive digital experience to Comic-Con San Diego 2017.

The brand is due to unveil the Schick Hydro Escape experience at this year’s event, which will take place from 20-23 July in San Diego, US.

Con visitors who sign up for the challenge will enter an escape room, which they must work together to exit on a series of tasks and puzzles featuring Hydrobot – a Schick Hydro Razor that transforms into a robotic hero “like no other, to protect and defend against irritation”, according to the brand.

Anastasia Tobias, Schick Hydro's Senior Brand Manager, said: “We're excited to further immerse fans into Hydrobot's history at The Interactive Zone at Petco Park during this year's Comic-Con, giving them an entertaining opportunity to crack a series of codes in a memorable adventure game.

“The Schick Hydro Escape features hidden clues that require both physical and mental agility and unique elements like holograms, allowing Con-goers to truly take part in our superhero's world."

Con visitors will be able to participate in tasks and puzzles in Schick's Hydro Escape experience

Con visitors will be able to participate in tasks and puzzles in Schick's Hydro Escape experience

The brand's Hydrobot debuted last year in a 30-second TV ad, and his story was expanded in the limited edition digital comic book Schick Hydrobot and the Transformers, which sees Hydrobot teaming up with popular Transformers characters.

Schick is also bringing its Schick Hydro Lounge to the pop culture event, offering con-goers the chance to recharge with shaves from professional barbers as well as exclusive merchandise.

The con will also see Schick team up with YouTuber Joshua Ovenshire for a 'hide and seek' on its Twitter. Ovenshire will hide and tweet hints about his location, with the first six fans to find him participating in an exclusive meet-up.

Finally, fans can follow @ShickHydro on Twitter to learn how to score VIP access to the con with The Daily Cosplay Cut, where they can show off their costumes and skip queues.

The Comic-Con experience follows Schick's partnership with Paramount Pictures' Transformers: The Last Knight movie, which recently saw the brand release limited edition razor handles based on Transformers characters, as well as a TV ad featuring Hydrobot meeting Optimus Prime.

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