Scentered agrees partnership for eco-friendly guest amenities

By Emma Reinhold 22-Jul-2019

Deal with Global Amenities Direct will create new hotel beauty line

Beauty brand Scentered has announced a new licensing partnership with Global Amenities Direct (GAD) to develop a line of eco-friendly luxury aromatherapy guest amenities.

Under the new agreement GAD, whose founding investor Lara Morgan also founded the Scentered brand, will create a new natural hotel line entitled De-Stress, comprising hair and body products including De-Stress Shampoo & Conditioner, De-Stress Body & Hand Wash and De-Stress Body & Hand Lotion.

All products will be available in refillable packaging to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used in the hotel industry.

"Today, Scentered is positioned to change the guest experience by eliminating single-use plastics amenities and create truly unique experiences that are designed to delight guests and to save hotels money," said Morgan.

"The new amenities are developed with a careful approach to sourcing only the finest natural ingredients, and they offer a caring message for guests – to take time for themselves to enhance their well-being.

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“The end result is of benefit to all.”


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