SantEnergy: Give your hair new energy


A powerful anti-oxidant to fight hair loss induced by oxidative stress

SantEnergy is a distinctive polyphenol-rich extract, sustainably obtained from the aerial parts of the plant Yerba Santa. It optimally delays aging of hair follicles and increases both hair growth and hair density.

Claim Ideas for SantEnergy

  • Energises hair follicles through a caffeine-like effect
  • Protects hair follicles from oxidative stress
  • Delays ageing of hair follicles
  • Increases both hair growth and hair density.


  • Hair protection
  • Anti-hair loss treatments for both women and men
  • Anti-ageing for hair
  • Anti-pollution for hair
  • Sun care for hair.

Formulating with SantEnergy

  • Recommended use level: 1-2%
  • Incorporation: For cold processes, dissolve SantEnergy into the aqueous phase. In hot/cold processes, add during the cooling phase below 40°C
  • Thermostability: Temperatures of up to 40°C for a short time will not affect the stability of SantEnergy.

INCI (EU / PCPC) Declaration

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Bioflavonoids (and) Pentylene Glycol (and) Alcohol (and)
Aqua / Water

Additional Information

  • Without preservation
  • Sustainably wild harvested.

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