Samumed collaborates with L’Oréal to develop anti-wrinkle applications

L’Oréal will conduct research studies to evaluate the SM05253 anti-wrinkle skin care solutions in 2018

L’Oréal has teamed up with skin tissue regeneration firm Samumed to develop new anti-wrinkle applications in SM05253.

The collaboration is to evaluate the potential functions of topical compound SM05253.

From early 2018, L’Oréal will conduct studies of the ingredient discovered by Samumed.

Eric Horsley, Chief Business Officer of Samumed said: “The prospect of L'Oréal, the world’s leading beauty company, further developing SM05253 for skin care applications, presents us with a compelling opportunity to capitalise on a valuable, non-core asset.”

He continued, “L'Oréal’s expertise in research and development of skin care compounds, combined with its global footprint, makes it an ideal partner to assume the development of SM05253.”