SMUG humbled by Sleep Mask of the Year nomination


SMUG humbled by Sleep Mask of the Year nomination

When we set out to design a product, regardless of what purpose that product will serve, we always set out to produce something that provides the highest quality of living; not just when it’s fresh out of the box, but when it becomes something you can’t live without.

We want our design to be worth our customers’ time.

An abundance of ideas, inspiration and love was poured into our debut, an ambition that flows freely throughout our collections still. Yet the fruits of our labour couldn’t have been sweeter, when we awoke to the news of our latest nomination for Sleep Mask of the Year 2020, from the celebrated industry-leader that is Hip and Healthy.

The highly-hailed Health and Wellbeing Magazine has long served as the epicentre for all things wellness and lifestyle related. So naturally, we were truly humbled when the attention of Hip and Healthy’s spotlight fell upon what is now their latest nominee; SMUG’s eyelash-friendly Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask.

We would never have dreamt of receiving such a high-standing accolade whilst first gathered around our design table, but our dreams have more than certainly come true with the nomination of this award alone.

This year has been a massive year for our family of brands, and especially SMUG’s Sleep Masks. It’s just ironic that the arrival of this wonderful, unbelievable news has left us sleepless with excitement!

We would like to think that the praises of our generously-slept fanbase spurred Hip and Healthy’s decision-making, and we’d like to personally thank all of our customers for their endless, boundless love for our products.

We heard your cries from the battlefield of broken lashes against primitive sleep mask designs, and put needle to thread in a positive action towards peace.

Together we wove our dreams into our Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask, finally putting to rest eyelashes’ old foe, whilst keeping the busy world outside away from your very important sleep.

Hip and Healthy’s nomination only accelerates our creative efforts here at SMUG, and our design teams celebrate your news with every stitch of their thread; each venturing further than the last.

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We’ve got so many new products in the pipeline, including those of our annual October Sleep Month celebrations, that are presently underway; not to mention others, like our latest funky Scrunchie collection, that are currently being welcomed by the world with open arms. We sure can’t wait to see where’s up from here.


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