SKINHAIRGIUM Bio, the latest in sustainable ingredients


In accordance to EXPANSCIENCE commitment in Corporate Social Responsibility, SKINHAIRGIUM Bio is a sustainable ingredient from the sourcing of the raw material to the supply:

Sustainable process: enzymatic hydrolysis, a biotechnological process which does not generate any solvent and is environmentally friendly.

Sustainable transportation/storage: ingredient proposed in powder in small packaging. It reduces transportation and allows an easier storage.

Double activities: SKINHAIRGIUM BIO, previously SKINERGIUM BIO shows double cosmetic activity: skin (anti-wrinkle and radiance booster) and hair care (hair growth booster and strengthening).

Zero waste: SKINHAIRGIUM Bio is obtained from up-cycling process with 0 waste. 100% of Maca is used from the leaf to the root (leaves = MACALINE for body care).

Sustainable traceable sourcing:Peruvian supply chain (through a local acquired plant in 2016) where social and environmental impacts are identified, actions and measures are launched in accordance with our stakeholder’s expectation. Maca is organic certified.

To go deeper, our maca supply chain is under process to be fair-trade certified (Fair For Life certification started 9 months ago, audits in progress).

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