Roja Parfums opens in Harrods Black Perfumery Hall


New range of luxury fragrances and candles available from July 2nd

In July 2011 Roja Parfums, founded by the world renowned nose Roja Dove will be opening exclusively in Harrods Black Perfumery Hall in London, alongside fragrance houses such as Chanel. As he inaugurates his new point of sales, the perfumer will also introduce two fragrances, male and female, and a range of scented candles.

Reckless is the new female fragrance by Roja Dove, dedicated to self-confident women who are "reckless maybe - foolish never." It features a bouquet of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, violet and amarylis, combined to peach and a blend of vetiver, sandalwood and mosses. The perfume dries down to a base of orris, musk, castoreum, leahter notes and tonka bean with hints of cinnamon and clove. Formulating the fragrance, Dove aimed at a scent for women other than girls, and that would be "floral but not fruity floral."

Meanwhile the new male fragrance, Scandal Pour Homme, features top notes of bergamot, lemon and petitgrain, heart notes of jasmine, violet, rose and lily of the valley. At the base, vetiver, mosses, rhubarb and ambergris enhance the fragrance.

To complete the offer, Roja Dove has also created ten scented candles, the new Roja Parfums Bougie Parfumée, featuring ingredients found within Roja Parfums creations and "using the highest concentration of raw materials as possible," according to Dove.

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