Redesigned logo for Cosmebio

The French natural cosmetics organisation has unveiled a new logo

French natural cosmetics organisation Cosmébio has announced a new logo that relevant manufacturers can place on natural cosmetics – the ‘NAT’ logo. “The NAT label was introduced with two goals – to help the consumer and to help brands promote their truly natural products,” said the organisation’s Director of Development, Betty Santonnat.

There are four pillars to the new logo: naturalness, whereby each product will have a guaranteed minimum of 95%; transparency, where manufacturers must clearly indicate the presence of synthetics on packaging; respect for the environment, meaning only ‘clean’ processing methods of raw materials are allowed; and finally traceability, where products bearing the NAT logo are certified.

Manufacturers using the logo must also respect the Cosmébio charter, including the commitment to certify 20% of their production by 2015.