Ready to create beauty for the "new normal"?


Ready to create beauty for the

Embrace consumers’ drive for togetherness and adapt to new societal behaviors in your product innovation, guided by the insights of Clariant’s new BeautyForward No. 5.

Our novel inspirational formulations are crafted around the take-aways of three global trends, with efficacy to support key sought-after claims through careful selection and use of ingredients. Each formulation exemplifies a method of delivering thoughtful and relatable personal care products as we move forward in the "new normal".

Get a taster of the trends and formulations ahead of our June 9 webinar with trends agency Mintel.

Ubuntu (Zulu for: I am because we are) captures the increased focus on achieving togetherness. We highlight different ways to address the widespread, commonplace needs of people starting to get together again. How about a Soothe + Cool Facial Serum to relieve mask-induced skin irritation? Or a luxury at-home salon treatment with our Hair To Be Beautiful Elixir?

Hygiene Beauty. Beauty brands have responded to the skyrocketing consumption of hand sanitisers by launching their own sanitisers and cleansers which also deliver trademark skin benefits such as moisture.

As a result, consumer demand is shifting toward a more luxurious and advanced product user experience, with reduced tolerance for side effects like dryness. Our non-greasy, moisturising hand cleanser, SanitiZ ‘n’ Care, exemplifies the combination of rheology modifiers, emollients and ethanol to achieve cleansed and moisturised hands.

Beauty Unwrapped. Product packaging is under increasing scrutiny, with consumers placing the responsibility for sustainable packaging choices on brands.

By eliminating water content and creating solid concentrate formulations, brands require less packaging and have a wider choice of packaging options such as cardboard or cork. Our Hair Necessities Bar and Nourishing Bath Melt showcase the different applications and variety that solid products may have.

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