Qosmedix adds lash and brow products to its portfolio

Prodcts designed to help tame unruly bros and lashes

Qosmedix has further expanded its lash and brow category by adding four more products to the already extensive lineup. The new Slanted Tweezers with Comb (Part # 513613) allow you to design perfectly shaped brows while brushing hairs in place. Easily groom brows with the new Brow Trimming Scissors with Removable Comb (Part # 513617). Place the comb under the brow bone with the scissors open, brush brow hairs in an upward motion, then cut the hair at the desired length. The white comb can be easily removed for cleaning.

And for precisely applying individual or strip lashes, use the new professional stainless steel eyelash applicators. Choose from a pointed end (Part # 513614) or a curved end (Part # 513615). Visit www.qosmedix.com or call a Customer Specialist today at +1-631-242-3270 to purchase these items.