Purity pump: The perfect partner for your natural and pure formulation

Why has Lumson developed a new pump?

Nowadays, innovative and improved formulations require specific ingredients to retain high stability. As a result, the research of solutions to preserve these sensitive cosmetic components such as Vitamin C and retinol from deterioration has become a priority for most formulators.

Based on these needs, Lumson, with 40 years of experience as a pumps manufacturer, has designed and developed a new pump: Purity is the name we chose for describing its market positioning. This new pump is in line with the demands of the market: it guarantees a high compatibility level with ingredients due to a metal-free path, perfect distribution of a wide range of viscosities (even very viscous formulae), and has proven its high stability in ageing tests. Three dosages are now available in 150mcl, 230 mcl, and 250 mcl, allowing precise application on the skin (with ±10% tolerance).

How can this pump guarantee both technical and aesthetic qualities?

Consumers are looking for ergonomic solutions and for differentiation in the design, especially for pump dispensing systems. That is why we aimed high when developing the Purity Pump, and gave it one of the softest actuations on the market: the priming of the pump is very soft (average of 15 N), which gives a nice sensation while using it. This comfort in use also integrates fast priming with reliable re-priming while pushing on the actuator.

As an Italian manufacturer, we made design a priority. We have developed elegant standard designs on external components such as collars and actuators: any product developer is sure to find the perfect solution for their brand! In addition, for specific formulae with low preservative levels, we have also developed the airless pump version for two of our airless packaging: a piston system called One O One in 30ml and a pouch system called Envers in 50ml.

What makes Purity different from others?

Purity Pump exceeds market expectations for quality. Besides this, it is also very important to understand that today, customers need to find a local partner they can trust; they expect to have a sense of assurance on the products in terms of quality and production. Purity Pump has been developed using Italian know-how: we assure material conformity to Reach regulation and raw materials traceability for all batches produced. As a European partner, located near Milan, our manufacturing force is also based on strict quality controls: 100% of our pumps are tested in vacuum during their production on high-speed assembling lines.

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