Pujolasos gives a touch of sensuality to the new perfumes Loewe 001


The prestigious Spanish perfumes brand Loewe has trusted in Pujolasos wood & pack, the reference company in wooden packaging for premium sector, for the development of exclusive caps of the new Loewe 001 fragrance.

The collection, which has two fragrances – for woman and man -, has named Loewe 001 and is presented as ‘two fragrance nonexistent one without the other, in a constant conversation’.

The new perfumes have been brought into the market this autumn and can be found in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml, and also in 30ml format for the feminine fragrance.

In line with the values of Loewe, the result of the new packaging is an attractive design, with a suggestive imaginative setting and associated to luxury.

The caps have been customized in two different colors that Loewe has selected to achieve the maximum exclusivity with the new packaging, and at the same time, differentiate the feminine and masculine perfume.

To achieve a unique finish, has been working very hard in the treatment of surface of the cap and the specific implementation process of the varnish.

In addition, it has been engraved in the top of the cap the anagram of Loewe using a laser high definition lototip. From Pujolasos facilities in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona) has piloted the entire project, both the external appearance development and the inside it with PP plastic, and has the anagram also engraved inside.

Jonathan Anderson, designer of Loewe since 2014, has been the manager of the development of the two new fragrance “that evoke the next morning”, when everything starts.

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Loewe 001 is the first range of perfumes of the brand that creates the fragrance for her and him at the same time.