Power to the shower: The latest formulations in the bathroom products category


An in-depth look at the 4 formulations set to elevate the bath and shower category

From gentle gels to in-shower tanning, plus products specifically designed for showering at the beach or making children’s bathing fun, the following formulations show that soap and shower gel can be much more than bathroom staples.

Formulation 1

Xanthan gums plus Cosphatec’s Cosphaderm KG can be used to create elastic Jelly Soaps. Because who says bathtime can’t be fun?!

Add Cosphaderm KG and Cosphaderm X 34 to water while stirring. Continue stirring until completely dissolved. If desired, add heat-proof colouring. Mix all ingredients together and set aside. Heat phase A to boiling point and repeat this two to three times. Stir hot phase A and quickly add phase B to the still hot phase. Continue stirring until everything is combined. Pour the warm mixture into moulds and let it cool down.

Formulation 2

A smart, rinse-off self-tanning gel from Innospec, called Shower-On Super Tan, which provides a flawless tan after just one in-shower application. The addition of Gelaid CPE makes for an easily spreadable texture and a transparent product.

Add the ingredients of phase A sequentially, mixing in between each addition until obtaining a clear, uniform system. Adjust pH with citric acid (50% w/w) if necessary. Add propylene glycol in 0.25% increments until the system is clear.

Formulation 3

This preservative-free Soft Shower Gel formulation from IFF-Lucas Meyer has a re-lipiding action to restructure the skin.

Heat phase A and premix phase B up to 35-40°C under stirring. When phase B is perfectly clear and homogeneous, add phase B to phase A. Add the ingredients of phase C into phase AB in given order under stirring. Add phases D and E. Adjust the pH if necessary.

Formulation 4

Specifically designed for after-beach cleansing, this Salt & Sun Sprayable Body Wash formulation from Lubrizol removes salt and sand, soothes the effects of the sun and prolongs a tan. The use of Novethix L-10 Polymer gives excellent sprayability enabling the creation of spray products suitable for taking to the beach.

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Add Novethix L-10 Polymer to deionised water. Add sodium laureth sulfate with gentle mixing. Neutralise to pH7-7.5 with sodium hydroxide solution. Add the other surfactants with continuous mixing. Add remaining ingredients while mixing. Mix until uniform.

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