Pour Moi? Ciaté London dedicates make-up line to The Muppets’ favourite diva Miss Piggy

By Becky Bargh | 20-Oct-2020

Disney’s karate-practicing pig has garnered a reputation for her prima-donna personality and French phrases

Cosmetics brand Ciaté London has introduced a new line-up with The Muppets’ favourite diva Miss Piggy.

From Jim Henson’s legendary TV programme, Miss Piggy made her debut appearance on the show in 1976 alongside Kermit the Frog, Gonzo and Fozzie Bear, which was later bought by Walt Disney in the 2000s.

She quickly garnered fame for her prima-donna personality and determination to reach stardom, which Ciaté has attempted to emulate with the collection.

The karate-practicing pig’s tendency to use French phrases has also been woven into the products’ names.

Today, she has an official Twitter account with more than 208k followers and an Instagram channel.

Available to shop now, beauty and puppet fans can get their hands on the 6-sku colour range housed in Miss Piggy’s favourite colour, pink.

The Pig-ment Palette is filled with nine ‘ultra-blendable’ colours from neons and glitters to matte shades; while its All About Moi! blush palette includes four shades designed to suit every skin tone.

The doughnut-scented Piggy Power gloss lipstick is available in one bright pink colour, while Ciaté’s Love Moi pink tinted lip balm is blended using nourishing butters.

Completing the range is Ciaté’s Who? Moi? hand mirror and Piggy Perfector make-up sponge.

“Miss Piggy is an absolute icon,” said Ciatè’s CEO and founder Charlotte Knight.

“Behind the diva behaviour, pearls and gloves, Miss Piggy represents something that we hold so dear to us at Ciaté London – empowering yourself.

“It’s the kind of power that inspires you to think outside the box, lifting yourself and everyone around you up, reminding you to just have fun, enjoy yourself and embrace the creativity that surrounds us daily.”

Ciaté is no stranger to a Disney link-up, having previously launched a collection with Toontown’s favourite bombshell Jessica Rabbit.

Released last year, the line was inspired by the red-haired pin up’s signature purple eyeshadow and flawless complexion.

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