Plant-based chemistry industry training day


DRT sales and marketing director Eric Moussu will discuss the industry of biobased products

A global leader in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin, DRT is partnering with the French Bio-Based Chemistry Association ACDV (Association de la Chimie du Végetal) to support their Plant-based Chemistry Industry Training Day which will take place on Friday, 18 March in Paris. DRT Sales and Marketing Director Eric Moussu will present a conference on the industry of biobased products.

DRT is a key player in the industry of pine chemicals, supplying a wide array of markets including perfumes and fragrances, adhesives, chewing gum, rubber for tyres and synthetic polymers, inks and dyes, neutraceutics and more.

“DRT is resolutely committed to the use of plant resources as well as to the advancement of solutions using bio-based chemistry. We are pleased to continue supporting ACDV’s mission of promoting the industrial development of plant chemistry,” says Eric Moussu.

On 18 March Moussu will host and lead a conference on the key issues of today’s bio-based product industry, with a special focus on industrial applications.

ACDV’s Plant Chemistry Industry Training Day will serve the purpose of informing industrials on market progress, providing them with the fundamental industry knowledge that is vital to their development.

Companies engaged in this booming industry will gain awareness of its key economic and technological issues.