Pinterest encourages beauty buys in-store

By Sarah Parsons 16-Feb-2017

New report reveals that over 40% of 'pinners' will go on to buy a product after browsing images on the Pinterest app

Almost half of Pinterest users make a beauty purchase after viewing a pin, according to latest figures.

Research by the social media company into consumer behaviour revealed 42% of app users will buy a product after viewing a relevant image.

Pinterest users are more likely to buy offline after seeing the branded image. The Beauty Trend Report 2016 says 69% of shoppers purchased the product in-store.

The company claims shoppers welcome commercial content on the platform.

“Commercial content on other platforms tends to feel disruptive or fleeting. But on Pinterest, 75% of content comes from businesses—people actively seek out ideas from brands, so it’s easy to influence both browsers and shoppers,” the report states.

Pinterest is urging brands not to forget men in content on the platform. According to comScore, 1-in-4 millennial males are on the platform and more men are looking for beauty inspiration via the app.

The study, led by Head of Category Insight Stephanie Kumar, found ‘pinners’ search for prestige brands by name, particularly mascara, eye shadows, lip products and foundations.

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Budget beauty options are also popular as users frequently add drugstore to their search queries.