Perfumer Carlos Huber works with Aptar for fragrance packaging

By Lucy Tandon Copp 11-Apr-2018

The artisanal perfumer is adding two new fragrances to his Arquiste line of scents

Architect and perfumer Carlos Huber has partnered with Aptar Beauty + Home North America to create samples for two new fragrance launches.

Adding to his Arquiste line of scents, Huber worked with Aptar to select a sampling packaging solution that would preserve his two new fragrances: Esencia Del Palacio Limoneros and Esencia Del Palacio Guayabos.

The packaging company was also tasked with overseeing the management and execution of the launch using its broad local network of suppliers.

Huber selected Aptar’s Easy Spray 1.5ml vial on card fragrance sampler for the fragrance samples.

The vial, which comes in 1.5ml or 2ml sizes, is said to be Aptar’s most popular sampling option, offering olfactory neutrality with a metal-free pathway as well as a discreet dip tube.

The sampler can also be customised for individual brands.

Arquiste was first launched by Huber in 2013 after he went travelling and worked on art installations that analysed the role of non-visual cues in the interpretation of historical sites.

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The Arquiste range now boasts 14 fragrances and is available in 28 countries.