Perfect365 becomes first AR beauty platform to operate with cryptocurrency

By Becky Bargh 19-Sep-2018

With the new collaboration, users will be able to earn Kin currency and spend it across apps operating within the cryptocurrency market

Perfect365 has become the first AR beauty platform to operate with cryptocurrency.

Through the app, users will now be able to earn the Kin currency, founded by messaging app Kik, to spend on other digital services.

Currently, Kik has partnered with brands across all sectors, including footwear brand Sperry’s, food chain Dunkin’ Donuts, gaming software company Unity and Blackhawk Network, a rewards programme company.

President and CEO of Perfect365 Sean Mao said: “From its inception, as the first platform to introduce Augmented Reality to the application of make-up, Perfect365 has focused on being a trailblazer and introducing new technologies and features that benefit its users and brand partners.

“Now, as the first AR beauty platform to introduce Kin’s cryptocurrency, we are brining more value to our audience in allowing them to become active in the new economy of the future.”

Users will be able to earn Kin by answering survey questions and eventually from creating and sharing make-up looks.

Kin’s President, Dany Fishel, added: “The Kin ecosystem continues expanding across exciting categories of consumers apps, and integrating Kin into Perfect365 allows us to introduce cryptocurrency to an untapped demographic.

“We look forward to uncovering more unique and meaningful use cases for Kin as we work toward achieving our goal of becoming the most used cryptocurrency in the world.”

On the platform, customers will still be able to use AR in order to experiment and engage with beauty brands.

Growing female interest

The AR beauty platform has integrated the financial platform in an effort to tap into the growing number of women involved in cryptocurrency.

A Perfect365 survey showed that 42% of females were interested in cryptocurrency, while only 12% own any form of the digital asset; meanwhile, another study from Forbes found only 5% of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are women.

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With a predominantly female audience (92%) Perfect365 has the ideal platform to attract the attention of this growing demographic.


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